Yamaha TX 802 digital FM synthesizer

Bored of listening every day the same sounds in your tracks? You don’t have enough space to add another keyboard in your studio?

If the answer is yes, so if you want to spend not much money, the Yamaha Tx-802 Tone FM Generator may be the answer to your prayers.

This is a rack version of the legendary DX7, with 6 digital FM operators, 16 voices and 8 parts of polyphony, but its sound is a bit different compared the DX7 MK1, being more brilliant in this model.

A great thing to consider purchasing,  if you are using mainly analog synths, its characteristic cold and perfect sound compacts very well in a mix, so you can get  textures and tonalities impossible to find in analog synthesis.

Making sounds using the front panel is so complicated, because, there aren’t knobs, just menus and submenus with numbers and letter (besides, the logical in the FM synthesis is so different).


However, if you decide to make your own sounds, you can:

  1. Download some free TX-802  template for a midi controller to control each parameter with that.
  2. To create a preset with Native Instruments FM7 (or FM8) and upload the SysEx file to the TX with Midi-OX (PC) or Sysex Librarian (Mac)
  3. With some Ipad editor like this.
  4. Practising trial & error with the 802 front panel.

With this great synthesizer, you can make all kind of sounds, from metallic, percussive sounds, superb strings, punchy bass, to… 8-bit sounds! Keep in mind that in the eighties and nineties, the big part of video game composers were using FM synths like this.

Last, but not least, currently these machines are underestimated, so you can find bargains easily.


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