Korg Polysix synthesizer



Poly synths always have to be expensive to sound well? In 1981, and challenging with the very famous Prophet 5 from Sequential Circuits, Korg designed this synth to answer this question. In my opinion, the answer is clear. NO, and this is an excellent example.

Today I’m going to write about the famous Korg Polysix, also called “the poor Prophet 5”. 🙂
This is an analog synthesizer with 6 voices and 1 VCO per voice (saw, PW, PWM) more 1 sub-oscillator per voice.

It includes unison, polyphonic mode, and memory chord, that is very useful for when you are not inspired and need some creativity to start something from scratch..

There is no midi, but if you need it, a great option could be something like this because is very easy to install.

It has a beautiful arpeggiator that you can synchronize sending to this one some clock through jack cable (a kick, or you could send the click of your DAW for that).

The presets are stored in a lithium battery, so after some years you will have to change this one and then, upload your presets. It was designed to transfer them through a cassette player, but a great way would be recording these sounds in your Daw and then transferring them connecting the output of your sound card to the P6 enabling the tape mode. It is important to keep in mind that if you don’t get the first time, try to repeat this step varying the gain volume.



After to play it, I would like to recommend warming up 15 minutes for a better stability of their oscillators

There are three analog effects. Chorus, phaser, ensemble, being all pretty useful.

the keyboard isn’t good and tends to fail over time, but in my opinion, if you mididfy yours, that’s not a problem because you can use it sequencing on a DAW or an external sequencer.



– Good sound.

– Pretty easy to use.

– Analog effects.

– Unison mode for more agressive sounds.

– Memory chord.


– Keyboard tends to fail.

– There is no midi.


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