Korg Polysix synthesizer

Korg Polysix

  Poly synths always have to be expensive to sound well? In 1981, and challenging with the very famous Prophet 5 from Sequential Circuits, Korg designed this synth to answer this question. In my opinion, the answer is clear. NO, and this is an excellent example. Today I’m going to write about the famous Korg Polysix, […]

Ensoniq ESQ1

Did you know that Robert Yannes, co-founder of Ensoniq was the creative mind behind the Commodore’s 64 chip SID? After that experience, he started Ensoniq and made this super synth Here we are with one of my favourite synths all the time, the Ensoniq ESQ1. There are two versions with keyboard, the metal body version and […]

Jomox X-Base 09

Can you imagine a TR-909 drum box with Elektron’s keyloks but much smaller than it? It exists and its called Jomox X-Base 09. It was released in 1997 with the initial idea of selling the best 909 clone as much as possible, but adding some interesting things to expand the concept. When you are playing for the first […]

Emu Emulator II

E-mu Emulator II

  The Emu’s Big boy. It was designed by Dave Rossum and released in the eighties. I’m saying Big Boy mainly for its dimensions and weight. When you see one for first time, you may not believe how big and Heavyweight is, but it is. In the photos, it looks like much more smaller than this mammoth! 🙂 Then, […]

Korg Polysix

Here we are  with the famous Korg Polysix, also called “the poor Prophet 5”. 🙂 This is an analog synthesizer with 6 voices and 1 VCO per voice (saw, PW, PWM) more 1 sub-oscillator per voice. It has unison, polyphonic mode, and memory chord, that is very useful for when you are not inspired and […]

TB-303 tempo knob

Roland TB-303

 The classic monosynth. Anything sounds like this. There are a lot of clones trying to imitate  its sound, but they are just different. The reason?? Well, it’s complicated to say, but there are some key points in my opinion: Its distinctive analog step sequencer, the original calibration by Roland engineers, some components that they are not in stock again, […]

Yamaha TX 802 digital FM synthesizer

Yamaha TX-802

Bored of listening every day the same sounds in your tracks? You don’t have enough space to add another keyboard in your studio? If the answer is yes, so if you want to spend not much money, the Yamaha Tx-802 Tone FM Generator may be the answer to your prayers. This is a rack version […]

E-mu SP1200 in 8bit

EMU SP-1200

This is my first review about hardware gear and here we are with the amazing and powerful EMU SP 1200, one of the most famous samplers in the history with a unique and characteristic sound. This machine is very popular for all kind of artists but mainly in the R&B scene for that groove and punch. From […]